When Taylor Swift personally raves on Twitter about how much she loves a cover of her own song, something is undoubtedly right.  Travis Atreo’s undeniable talent caught the attention of the Global Superstar when he covered a stripped down version of her hit song, “Style.”  Now, Travis is poised to continue his upward ascent with his creative energy and original music.

With over 34 million views on YouTube and 60 million streams on Spotify, Travis has decided that the time is right to show the world his own music. In February 2017 Travis released his first debut EP titled “Keep Hope Alive”. With the break out song “Somehow” amassing over 1M streams on Spotify alone Travis has vowed to make 2018 the year he showcases the songs live to his fans worldwide.

With an exciting year to come, Travis’ goals are fairly straightforward and inspiring.  He strives to continuously work at his art and have the opportunity to share his love of music and natural talent with the world.  All that he can hope for is that people listen to his songs, and simply feel better from the moment the first note begins.


Keep Hope Alive Artwork.jpg

Keep Hope Alive

by Travis Atreo

This is the debut solo EP by Travis Atreo released February 2017.